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I love PDAY!!!  We are e-mailing at the Twin Falls Public library today because where we usually e-mail (the family history center) is filled with annoying Elders:)  haha.  But seriously, it is so peaceful here I love it.

We had a training meeting where all the newbies and trainers got together to talk about how things are going, and it was like a big family reunion!! 
All of my family from the MTC was there and it was magical!  Sister Wright like attacked me.  She is on bikes in her area and she loves it.  She wrecked the other day and is covered in scratches haha so funny.  We don't see President a lot so it was good to hear from him and Sister Curtis who I ADORE!!  She reminds me of Ruth Ann Daley. 

We did a lot of service this week.  I didn't realize before that service was such a great missionary tool.  We helped a family pack up and move their house for a few days, we cleaned a ladies house (Whitney my slave work I did for you has payed off:)), (Slave driver and family pictured below. Your welcome Idaho)
and we help garden.  Which BTW I am going to grow a garden when I get back.  Everyone has a garden here and they feed us fresh produce.  So mom, please make a square of land in the back for some stuff:)  And have a dog back there when I get home.

This Sunday we had our row FILLED with our investigaters and I can't explain the joy it is to see people I love progressing in the gospel.  No one will progress if they don't go to church.  Sundays are kind of hard because we have 3 wards we are over.  We go to all the Sacraments, all the ward council and missionary coorilation meetings, and then our other meetings. But that also means we get to renew our covenants 3 times:)  Trust me, I need it!

We went to the Shoshone Falls last pday and it was beautiful!! 

We hiked around and saw a bunch of families swimming, and we I did a handstand on a floating dock.  Sweet huh!!!  haha the weather is always beautiful.  Nights are perfect, like in the 70's and in the day its in the 90's.  Which honestly I love.  I love the heat and everyone always complains here.  When I tell people I'm from Arizona, EVERY SINGLE PERSON talks about how hot it is there.  Then they ask me if I've seen snow, and then I change the subject cause I'm annoyed:) haha

I wear my seat belt everyday.  That is progress for me.  You are more happy on a mission the more you follow rules, even what seem to be silly rules, like wearing a seat belt.  I guess that is only a silly rule to me because I hate seat belts. 

I can't remember if I shared this story last time but I'll tell it again because it cracks me up.  There is a whole plethora of Napoly's out here(its like a tiny tiny poly) and we teach a lot of them.  You walk in their house and it looks like you walk into a persons home from India.  They have a very strong culture and they wear those skirts and always have Indian music on.  So one day we were teaching Sanju (he is getting baptized Aug 31) and we were about to leave when the mom says "you have juice".  They don't have very good English.  I was like "Sister Hamilton what juice?"  She told me in their culture, they always give people juice when they come visit, its just what they do.  So, on a side note, I was SO FULL from DINNER!!  The members feed us so much its a blessing.  So I was like dang it I can't drink this!!  She brought out this super super thick mango juice.  So I, hearing horror stories of the people getting mad when you don't eat their food they give you, started chugging this juice and like crying inside because I was so full!  When we were about to leave, I noticed Sister Hamilton didn't drink like any of her drink, and I was like "Hamilton!!!  you are going to offend them!!!"  And she said " Walker, this is not like the 1900's," haha so dumb, I forgot I'm in Idaho. 

I found that when I get frustrated, I just do a role play and act like a super mean and grouchy investigator.  Haha my companions get scared of me because I am so mean, but it helps me get out all of my frustration:)  Maybe deep down inside I"m a mean person, who knows.

I'll send a picture of the Atkins that look like mom and dad. (Where is the rotate button on blogger???-Whitney)
IT is super funny and I still call them mom and dad.  There is a family here named the Fish's and they are one of my favorite families.  He is the Ward Mission leader and he is just a great example of what I want in a family.  All the kids are happy and adorable and Brother fish is the best ward mission leader. 

I have been so grateful since being out here on my mission.  I am grateful for the smallest things.  When people ask if we need rides, when they give us food, when someone gives me a compliment, just little things I get so stinking grateful.  I love it.  I love my Savior more and more everyday.  My testimony grew in the atonement this week.  My weaknesses and strengths are just laid out on a table out here in the mission and there is no escaping my weaknesses.  We will have weaknesses until the day we die, unless we use the Saviors atonement.  Also repentance is so important every single day.  Not just for big sins, it is needed for little sins that take away the spirit.  I challenge you all to repent every night and ask Heavenly Father that we can be clean before the next day so we can wake up with a the spirit in full force.  This is so important to do before we get stuck behind a million tiny sins that can stop our progression.  Thank you for the e-mails and letters.  I will never not be excited to get them.  I love you all so much and am thankful for you prayers.  Turn to the Lord in all you do.  LOVE YOU!!

Sister Walker

 So the kids are the ones who we live with and they call us Misshamaries. 
they are our joy to come home to every day.  The ladies are our grandmas in the nursing home who we sing to every week.
  And that is me jumping for joy because i got a package:)


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