Monday, January 13, 2014


Once upon a time there was this missionary.  She was the COOLEST missionary ever!  She was in the BEST area with the BEST companion and had just found 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS in a very teeny tiny area.  She was on cloud nine.  She had also served there for 6 whole months and felt like it was her new home.  Then one day something dreadful happened.  She got a call from The PRESIDENT!  She was scared because the President is a very busy man.  She awkwardly answered the phone and had to hold back tears.  He said she was being emergency transferred out of the area to rescue a dear sister who ran into a ditch and couldn't drive the car anymore!  The End.
Yes, this is a true story.  I am currently in the baby town of Burley Idaho.  I have left all that I love and cherish in a blink of an eye!!!!!!!  BUT, I'm very grateful it happened the way it did.  If I would have had to wait unti transfers and then drug it out, I would have literally died.  It would have been like pulling off a giant band aid really slowly.  I left all of our investigators and members and missionaries and stores that I love!  BUT  here is the happy part.  I am in the middle of now where!!!!!  Why is that happy?  ITS NOT!!!!!!:)  just kidding.  It is a really funny experience to be out here.  There are sheep and cows and potatoes EVERYWHERE.  More than there are people.  

I got the call Friday night at like 10 and had to be packed and ready to go the next afternoon.  We stayed up super late crying and packing and eating chocolate.  Pres came and got me and took me away to Burley.  My area is technically called Oakley 1, but we live in Burley.  WE COVER A WHOLE ENTIRE STAKE AND A BRANCH!!!  I came from a one square mile area and am now covering 8 wards.  BUT I have a car.  Sorry this e-mail is so dramatic, but this is the drama in my life right now as a missionary haha.  

We live with members again in our own little added on apt on the side. It's super nice.  There is probably one house in every square mile.  There are pretty mountains here though!  Everyone and their dog owns a gun here.  Yesterday in church I we were in a Missionary Correlation mtg and I sat next to an old lady named sister Walker:)  They were all talking about guns so I made a comment on how this town is a gun loving town.  Then the lady next to me says, "I just got a blah blah blah some sort of nice gun for Christmas!" hahah it was super funny because she is so old!!!

My companions name is sister Graff.  And guess where she is from....UTAH!!  Most of my companions have been from Utah.  She is so nice!  She is a hard worker and is so funny.  She likes to work out with me in the morning and she is just the best!!  I'm so blessed out here.

I have been put out of my comfort zone so much on my mission.  Although at the time it is terrible, it has helped me align my will with my Fathers.  I don't have a lot of control over pretty  much anything on my mission:), just like in life we don't have a lot of control over some of our circumstances, and that is why it is so important to put your life in the hands of the Lord.  We need to be easy to mold.  Heavenly Father wants us to clay, not a solid rock.  I feel that is what makes me so happy, is to let the Lord move me and mold me.  I'm grateful to be on my  mission.  I love you all.

Sister Walker

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