Monday, August 12, 2013


I love you all.  I was a little bit sick last night so I stayed home and went to bed at 7.  When my companions came home I woke up a little and the only thing I said was, "I want my mommy", and then I went back to sleep hahaha.  How awful.  While I was laying there last night, I just listened to Whitney's song, a prayer of a walking child, that she recorded before I left over and over and over.  I love hearing Whitty's voice, it really comforts me. (LINK TO THE SONG WITH A SLIDESHOW)
Thank goodness it's p-day so I can just rest it off. 

When we go contacting the people who answer their doors are usually ALWAYS nice here in Twin.  But we get a few grumpy ones who make us so sad,  I've learned that they aren't rejecting me though, they are rejecting the Lord, Which is WAY WORSE!!!  gzz.  Me and Sister Cluff (we were on exchanges, and she is from Arizona!)  were out contacting and we ran into this guy watering his grass.  We were just talking to him for a while asking him about religion and he told us that his neighbor is very religious and that we should go knock on her door.  Sweet!!!  We walked up and on the door was a huge no soliciting sign, but we just ignored it:)  We knock on the door and this lady comes to door screaming, "No NO NO NO NO NO"!  We just acted like nothing happened and were like, "hello how are you!:)
 haha.  She was super mad and was like, "No didn't you see the sign?".  I had that feeling of power and confidence, which I'm hoping was the spirit and not my pride, but then I said, "Yes maam, we did see the sign, but honestly, we feel that our message is of great importance ." And I was totally serious!!!!  She then said, "well its not important to me!!!!!" and slammed the door.  That old man watering his grass set us up!  What a punk.  haha but it was great, and that was exactly how I felt.

My companions and the Assistance to the President sang at zone conference this week, and it was awesome.  I love President Curits.  And especially sister Curits.  They are just the best and are always wanting to take care of us.  We did role plays at zone conference and Sister Curits got to be my companion.  It was fun teaching with her and also kind of scary!

The place we live is built onto the Batemans home.  So its this little one bedroom one bathroom thing behind the house.  The sisters that  live in Jerome got kicked out of their house because the members house they were staying at is having a family reunion.  Sad!  So they came and are living with us.  There are five of us in this little baby house and it is so funny!  they are like our best friends though so it has been too much fun.  Like, Way too much fun.  They are all dorks and we just laugh all the time.  We like to scare sister Hamilton because she literally has heart attacks and then starts to cry. haha.  She says we always torture her, which is true.  She has been so busy because she is the sister training leader, and she is getting ready to go home on Saturday, and because she has to deal with us:).  We are sad she is leaving.  Transfer calls are this Saturday so I could be staying in Twin Falls or going out in the boonies.  I love Twin Falls so I hope I stay here longer.  

One of our favorite families are getting baptized this week on Tuesday!!!  They started out with their hearts so cold towards the missionaries and didn't even want missionaries to come to their home.  We have seen the atonement work miracles in their lives and it has been so inspiring to watch this transformation.  The dad is an inactive member, and the mom is not a member.  We have only been teaching the 2 teenage kids, but yesterday the mom said that she things she needs to get baptized too.  WHAT!!!!!  it has really been a miracle.  When people feel loved, they feel the spirit, and that is what has happened to the mom.  She has been so hurt in her life that she doesn't open up to others, but  the missionaries have just loved her to death and her heart is softening.

A scripture that has stuck out to me this week in Romans 1: 16.  It says, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth."  You guys, do not be ashamed of being LDS!  Talk about it with your non member friends!  Talk about it everyday.  If you love it so much, share it!  How important is the gospel?  It only is our salvation, no big deal.  YES BIG DEAL!  We should feel sorry for those who reject our message, not feel sorry that they rejected us.  I am so happy that i decided to come out on my mission.  Missionary work is booming right now and we all need to be involved.  How great will be our joy if we bring one soul unto Him?  Super great!  Heavenly Father wants us to help each other and tell each other the good news.  which I just learned that Gospel means good news.  I'm behind.  So share the good news!!!  I love you all to the moon and back!!!!!

Sister Walker


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