Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello Ya'll!!!! Mommy, Pops, Family, Friends. 
I am in Idaho. Idaho Idaho Idaho. 

I am assigned to Twin Falls South right now and let me tell you, everyone here are total hicks!! haha it is so great. Everyone, and I mean everyone has dogs, everyone smokes, and everyone is so super nice. So the first day we got here, we went tracting which is weird because we are not a tracting mission. They just wanted us to be miserable:) We got partnered up with a random trainer and went out for the day. It was miserable. haha it was hot and I had no idea what I was doing. One guy was drunk and one old lady was like, (in an old lady grouchy voice) "What do ya'll want?!?" oh gosh. 
  We slept at the mission home that night and it is seriously like a mansion. Sister Curtis , the presidents wife, took such great care of us. She cooked us so much food made sure we were all comfy.

The next day was when we got our companions. It was almost as bad as waiting to see where I was going on my mission. We were going to find out who our companions were and where in our mission we were going. It was scary. Me and Sister Wright were the only 2 Sisters there speaking English so there were only 2 companionship's we could go to, and they were both a threesome. It was so weird, the night before I had a strong impression that I was going to be with a certain companionship, and so I guess I kind of already knew who I was going with. I found out later that my companions knew they were going to be with me too. They are sister Hamilton (she is my trainer) and Sister Denkers (She has only been out 3 weeks). Can I just tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Hamilton and that she is the perfect trainer for me. HOLY COW.. She is half Samoan half Tongan and she is the most amazing missionary I have ever seen. She teaches me so much and she is just like a mother. She is so funny too!!! What a blessing it is for me to have her. She always tells me to be myself because I am so shy out here. She never talks negative about anyone or any situation and it helps me not get so down all of the time. 
   We live with members from our ward, but its ok because we have our own kitchen and bathroom and everything. They are so awesome. They have a dog named Miles who I play with everyday. There daughter lives there 2 and she has 2 kids (4 and2) who are ADORABLE!!! EVERY time we leave the house they say, "Why are you leaving again???" And then we always say, "because we have to go teach people about Jesus!!!". Sometimes they say, "Why do you have to teach so many people about Jesus?" hahahhah its an everyday occurrence. 
  The first week here was honestly one of the worst weeks of my life! haha that might be dramatic but it was bad. I just had no idea what the heck I was doing, I didn't know where I was going, and I was just so lost and uncomfortable. BUT, yesterday was a turning point for me. I finally felt peaceful. I think my attitude changed. Being a missionary means forgetting yourself completely and that is what I am working on right now. I didn't realize how selfish I was!!:) 
  Yesterday we taught primary, CTR 4, and we taught them about missionary work. It was sooo funny!!! We made them all little missionary name tags. Then we had them tract in!! haha I would go outside with a little girl, we were companions, we would knock on the door, and then a little boy would answer the door. Then the little girl would hand him a Book of Mormon and say "will you read this?" Then the boy would say, "yes" haha then the girl would say, "will you be baptized?" and the boy would say, "yes" hahahahahah then we would all clap and cheer and they all thought it was the greatest thing ever! 
   Missionary work is so gun ho around here. The stake president is on FIRE with missionary work. We taught 30 lessons this week. We set 2 baptismal dates for Aug 16 and we have like 3 investigators that will probably get baptized soon. It is so crazy here. So many people are ready for the gospel here. I hope the work is always like this. I cannot even tell you how much Heavenly Father is helping us. Just like the scripture, we are nothing without God.

I have been praying for my family and friends. My companion shared with me something so great. She said that I am helping my friends and family so much more by being on a mission, than I would by being there. I believe that to be true. As much as I want to be home sometimes, I just know that I will bless my loved ones so much more by being out here. 
   I think for now the most effective way to send letters is to the mission home, the address that you have. They forward it to our houses. I don't know our address and I will probably be leaving in 6 weeks anyways so I don't want to confuse you.

I love you all and I love my Savior! Our Father in Heaven knows each and everyone of us and has sent us to this scary earth ONLY for the purpose of our happiness. 
Sister Walker


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