Monday, January 13, 2014


Once upon a time there was this missionary.  She was the COOLEST missionary ever!  She was in the BEST area with the BEST companion and had just found 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS in a very teeny tiny area.  She was on cloud nine.  She had also served there for 6 whole months and felt like it was her new home.  Then one day something dreadful happened.  She got a call from The PRESIDENT!  She was scared because the President is a very busy man.  She awkwardly answered the phone and had to hold back tears.  He said she was being emergency transferred out of the area to rescue a dear sister who ran into a ditch and couldn't drive the car anymore!  The End.
Yes, this is a true story.  I am currently in the baby town of Burley Idaho.  I have left all that I love and cherish in a blink of an eye!!!!!!!  BUT, I'm very grateful it happened the way it did.  If I would have had to wait unti transfers and then drug it out, I would have literally died.  It would have been like pulling off a giant band aid really slowly.  I left all of our investigators and members and missionaries and stores that I love!  BUT  here is the happy part.  I am in the middle of now where!!!!!  Why is that happy?  ITS NOT!!!!!!:)  just kidding.  It is a really funny experience to be out here.  There are sheep and cows and potatoes EVERYWHERE.  More than there are people.  

I got the call Friday night at like 10 and had to be packed and ready to go the next afternoon.  We stayed up super late crying and packing and eating chocolate.  Pres came and got me and took me away to Burley.  My area is technically called Oakley 1, but we live in Burley.  WE COVER A WHOLE ENTIRE STAKE AND A BRANCH!!!  I came from a one square mile area and am now covering 8 wards.  BUT I have a car.  Sorry this e-mail is so dramatic, but this is the drama in my life right now as a missionary haha.  

We live with members again in our own little added on apt on the side. It's super nice.  There is probably one house in every square mile.  There are pretty mountains here though!  Everyone and their dog owns a gun here.  Yesterday in church I we were in a Missionary Correlation mtg and I sat next to an old lady named sister Walker:)  They were all talking about guns so I made a comment on how this town is a gun loving town.  Then the lady next to me says, "I just got a blah blah blah some sort of nice gun for Christmas!" hahah it was super funny because she is so old!!!

My companions name is sister Graff.  And guess where she is from....UTAH!!  Most of my companions have been from Utah.  She is so nice!  She is a hard worker and is so funny.  She likes to work out with me in the morning and she is just the best!!  I'm so blessed out here.

I have been put out of my comfort zone so much on my mission.  Although at the time it is terrible, it has helped me align my will with my Fathers.  I don't have a lot of control over pretty  much anything on my mission:), just like in life we don't have a lot of control over some of our circumstances, and that is why it is so important to put your life in the hands of the Lord.  We need to be easy to mold.  Heavenly Father wants us to clay, not a solid rock.  I feel that is what makes me so happy, is to let the Lord move me and mold me.  I'm grateful to be on my  mission.  I love you all.

Sister Walker

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You See Me Rollin'

Hello wonderful people!
You know how it is like really cold in Idaho?  And really windy here in Twin Falls?  Well President Glen R. Curtis decided it would be wise to put me and my newbie companion on BIKES right when winter is starting. 
How wonderful:)  So transfer morning at 4:45 we sent my lovely Sister Denkers home on a plane. 
The mission office couple drove us.  It was super sad and I really miss her. IT is weird how close you get to your companions.  We I didn't have a companion for the rest of the morning and just hung out with Sister McQueen, the office secretary.  So we went to the transfer meeting and there were tons of new missionaries and then tons of trainers.  I couldn't even look at any of the newbies because I was scared of them and who was going to be my trainee haha.  
  President would call up a trainer and have them stand in the front...then he would call up their companion and tell them where they are going and if they would have a car or a bike.  So He called me up and I was soooo nervous!  Then he said..."Sister Walker, you will be training Sister Meyer......and you will be riding BIKES!"  haha I didn't realize that I was so shocked until everyone laughed because I was like frozen still.  Then I kept asking President..."wait, are you serious?"  "You aren't kidding right?" haha he laughed so hard.  It has been really fun being on bikes, besides the cold.  My new companion is so great though! 
She is from Blanding Utah and was raised on a farm.  She is a total farm girl who loves horses and boots.  We always race on our bikes and laugh because we look so ridiculous.  Sometimes it can be weird living in a tiny place with a person you don't know haha but we are getting used to each other.  It is weird training and fun at the same time.  I HATE telling people what to do so it is hard for me.  But hopefully I can just lead by example and invite the spirit to teach.
There is this old lady we see sometimes (name not included) and she wanted us to help her paint her house.  So we went over there and started scraping off the paint.  She left to go do something in her room and she didn't come out for like 20 mins.  She is really old and has oxygen so I was kind of worried.  I yelled out her name and she didn't respond.  So I followed her oxygen tube and it led to the bathroom, the door was open and I kind of thought she had died on the floor, so I got my courage to look in and see a dead body.  When I looked in,  she was full out asleep on the toilet!!!!!  haha it was super sad and super funny at the same time!!   I didn't want to embarrass her so we came up with a plan.  We decided to grab her cat and throw him into the bathroom to wake her up!  IT worked and she was never embarrassed:)
For conference we went to the McMullens house and invited our Napoli investigator over to watch it with us.  Conference was sooooo great as I'm sure all of you know!  The more I read in the Book of Mormon about the great and nobal prophets, the more I love OUR prophet.  I like to think our modern day Nephi or Alma, because he is.  I love being with the McMullens though.  I feel lik they are my family away from home. 
Our family of investigators that we set baptism dates for have fell off the face of the earth!  They are never home and won't return our phone calls.  It is very dissapointing and I'm not sure what we are going to do about it.  Our area got split so we are over 2 wards now, which we lost our 2 other progressing investigators with baptism dates!  It's pretty dissapointing. 
We are going to go buy some boots today and then play some volleyball with our zone:) I love being on my mission so much, the only times I want to come home are when I am tired and cold!  I will never live in Idaho or anywhere where it is cold!  BLAH!  I love you all!!!!!
Sister Walker 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Twin Falls Funnies: October 1st

Being behind one day of e-mails has already made me homesick!  (not real homesick, just the homesick where when I read the e-mails from everyone I cry).  Maybe that sounds super homesick, haha but don't worry its just a little:)  I just looked over at sister Denkers screen and she is painting an ocean on the paint app.  haha Dork.  OOOKKKK NEEWWSS TTIIMMEEEE!!!!!
Let me just tell you how miserable it was waiting ro transfer calls!  They told us they were coming Sunday morning...and we had to wait until like 6 that night!  I checked the phone every 2 mintues.  It felt like I was waiting for my mission call again.  The reason we were so excited is because there were so many different things that could have happened.  Sister Denkers back has been soooo screwed up so we didn't know what was going to happen to her.  (This old lady across from me just said to her husband "listen how fast that missionary is typing hahahah), anyways.  So we finally got the call and.............................................................................................I'm Staying IN Twin FALLS and am TRAINING!!!!!  I love love love it here I never want to leave.  I will be here 4 1/2 months by the end of the transfer.  The new missionaries have already arrived here and they are actually in the next buildling over, it is weird to think that my companion I am training is next door and I don't know who she is!!! 
Yesterday we didn't get to e-mail because we went to Idaho Falls for a doctors appointment for Denks.  It was a neurologist because they can't figure out what is wrong with her back.  This nice old couple took us there and back and bought us lunch and were just so nice to us! They also let us use their costco card and we went to the costco in Poccatello.  Sister Denkers had $100 to use in 2 days so we went to town haha.  We bought some memory foam pillows and a HUGE thing of cheese. And mom we bought those pretzel rolls and I think of you eveytime they enter my mouth!!! The doctor just gave Denkers some more pills.  Me and Denks have been discussing what she should do this whole week and she decided it is time to go home.  President knew she was going to go home because he put her in a trio.  That means it is easy for her to go home and no companions need to be rearranged.  She has cried a lot but she is also excited because she wants to get married.  HAHA silly girl.  So we went to the mission home last night and discussed with President and Sister Curtis what we were going to do.  They have a plane ticket for her to go home tommorrow already!!  She is already packed and ready to go.  I hope she can get the help she needs at home.  We have learned so much from each other and even though she drives me NUTS ALL THE TIME:)  I am going to miss my little Denks:(.
On the bright side, I am excited to start working hard again.  the worked has kind of evened out because we have had to stay home a lot because of her back. 
Me and Sister Denkers go to the nursing home every week and sing to a few ladies.  This week we were walking down the hall and this Lady stopped us and was like, "help!  help!!"  So we asked her what was wrong and she said she needed to go potty.  hahahahah.  We were like, "ok we will go get someone for you"  and she said, " no don't leave me!  Wait until someone comes!"  So we wait there for literally 5 mins and no one has came!  We kept asking her if she was ok because she looked like she was going to die.  Then out of nowhere she said...."I'm peeing" HAHAHAHAH  we laughed so hard on the inside and were like... UUUHHHHHHHH  ok.  Then someone finally came and we were free to laugh. 
Another funny story.....we go to this house called the Pearl House where a few mentally challenged girls live.  We met this one girl who looked and acted really normal and we asked her her name.  She said, "my name is Ashley Elizabeth Avis Jessica Megan Shanelle Ruby Lucy Johnson."   hahahaha She repeated it a few times so she honestly thinks that is her name!  I wrote it down and me and Sister Denkers always call eachother that huge name and then laugh so hard. 
Sister Denkers Grandma sent her a letter with a 50$ check and told her to buy something nice for me!  What a sweetheart!  We are going to get some gifts for some of our investigators with it.  And we bought soap for our hands.  People take great care of the missionaries down here and I feel like I am receiving more than I can give back.  It is not a good feeling.  I have decided that when I get home I will take care of the missionaries to give back!
It is getting cold out here in Idaho and I get anxiety thinking about it!  I have no idea how to dress warm.
Hopefully next week I will have great news regarding missionary work!
Keep on Keeping on!  I lOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Walker

SEPTEMBER 23rd email

This week was one of those weeks that I am going to squeeze out of my brain so I never remember it ever again!  It's already half squeezed out of my brain so I will try to suck it back in for a few mins....
My companion was in a car accident before her mission and she has had back pain ever since.  We have been to multiple doctors, the chiropractor a few times, and the doctors are stumped.  Nothing is helping her.  They think it's a good idea to keep giving her drugs, which has NOT been a good idea!  She is on a few muscle relaxers so she is ALWAYS tired and ALWAYS grumpy.  I'm trying to be patient but obviously I am a natural man and an enemy to God!  haha.  I had to clean our whole apartment by myself this morning because she was too tired.  I usually give all the lessons and do all the records too because she is just not all there most of the time.  I super love her but this is really taking a toll on me.  We have been talking to President because I think she needs to go home.  I don't want another companion of hers to have to go through this too and I really want her to get the help she needs back home.  We will see!

Transfer calls are this Saturday so that will be exciting!!!!  I have a feeling I am leaving Twin Falls:(  I would love to stay here but I would love to go somewhere else too.  I just love being so close to the mission office and there are tons of missionaries here in Twin so it's super fun.  I'm also scared if they send me to a hick town I will loose my identity and just become a hick:)  Which has already started to happen!!!!  haha.  

I have been going on splits with this girl Makala who is going on her mission to Texas in a few months.  I love her!!!  She always laughs at me because she thinks I am so crazy!  I didn't even realize how weird I am because my companion is used to me, but she points out these things that I do and I realized how crazy I am.  We went to this families how who is less active and knocked on their door.  A 14 yr old girl answered and we just talked for a while.  This car drove up and I asked her who it was.  She said it was her 17 yr old brother Chase and his friend.  Something crazy inside me happens and when he opens the car do I go..."CHASSEEE!!!!!!!  WEELLCCOOMMEE HOOMMEE!!!!!"  hahah his face was priceless.  HE comes to the door and shakes my hand and I tell him he smells soooo good.  Then he looks at me weird and is like, "who are you?" hahaha.  Don't worry, we became friends.  He doesn't believe in God...but HE WILL!  I guess I just have no boundaries out here.  We go into strangers houses and they spill their lives sins to us for heavens sake.  It is very weird and wonderful.

Two nights ago we were trying to contact because we didn't have an appointment and NO ONE would answer their door!  There was some football game going on or something, and it was homecoming for Twin Falls High School.  We went to the park to walk around because we were so sad haha.  We found this tree and I climbed all the way to the top of it! (I still have no idea how to rotate pictures in blogger-sorry-Whitney)
 It was a huge tree!!!!  That made us not sad anymore.

Last night on our way home we heart attacked our bishops door.  It was like I was in my old life again because we had to sneak around so we wouldn't get caught by him.  The dogs were chasing us and the family was in the front room...haha it was quite an adventure!!!!

Me and Sister Denkers are having a girls day today.  We are going to go down Main Street and look at the shops and try and find some warm clothes.  It is COLD DOWN HERE!  

This morning, during companionship study, Denkers was asleep so I decided to watch the Testaments.  I have watched it multiple times before but for some reason this morning it had a huge affect on me.  It makes the Book of Mormon come to life and reality of our Savior come to life.  Most of us have a belief in Christ and that He came to the earth and died for us and visited the Americas, but there are few of us who actually KNOW of Christ.  I have been pondering this all week.  I do believe in Christ but I want to say that I KNOW Christ.  That I have no doubt in my mind that He is real.  I think once we get to that point, is when the blessing are poured upon us.  

I love love love love and miss my family and friends!!!!!

Sister Walker

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Five

Hola Familia y amigos,

Drum Roll please.......................................We set FIVE BAPTISMAL DATES THIS WEEK!!!!  BOOO YAAAA!!!  It was so amazing.  Twin Falls is on fire right now.  Me and Sister Denkers set 3 baptismal dates in one hour like 5 mins before our cerfew and we ran outside literally screaming on the inside.  It was amazing.  We are going to try and get like 3 more this next week.  I honestly don't even know where these people come from.  But yes the work is going so great and I never want to leave this area.  I am so nervous that I am going to get transferred in 2 weeks.  There are so many missionaries coming in and so many areas opening so we never know.

We went to a Part Member Families home hoping to start the missionary lessons with the 11 yr old girl and 14 yr old boy that have not been baptized yet.  We sat down and just talked a bit about life, and then we started getting into the important stuff, their salvation.  We were talking about their beliefs in God and Jesus Christ and the 14 yr old boy began telling us why he doesn't believe in God.  While he was talking you could just feel the spirit leave and Satan start barfing out of his mouth!  He kept saying these  like, "If there was a God, He wouldn't let bad things happen to us", and "We are poor and paying tithing is stupid because we need the money.".  I was getting so angry...not just angry...but the wrath of God came over me!  haha Quite literally.  The thing that set me off was when we were talking about him needing to repent and come to Christ, and he said, "But doing bad things makes me happy, and if there was a God he would strike me down or something, but he hasn't.  Good things still happen to me."  At this point I just wanted to punch him in the face, haha but instead I let the spirit chastise him through me.  I said, "You will be judged.  There is a God and He doesn't like what you are doing right now.  If you do not repent you are going to be miserable after you die." haha I am so crazy out here.  I try to be loving too though, don't worry:)  

Today our zone is putting on a talent show.  There are 4 of us sisters in our zone so we are all going to rap together.  haha super embarrassing I know.  We have this cd called popcorn bopping that is for little kids.  The song Called to Serve is on there but it is little kids rapping it.  It is so funny.  We are dressing up in all black and putting hats and ties on.  I'll video it and send it to mom:)  

I super love the family that we live with.  We love to talk to them when we get home at night.  Elaina still comes to me EVERY night when I get home and says, "Hey mishamarry, lets sing a Jesus song in your house"  So we go in the doorway, sit down, and sing for a few minutes.  Sometimes she wants to sing to the dog too so she goes and drags him over and we sing to him.  Then we usually give her a Popsicle.  It's the best.

The majority of missionaries in this mission are from Arizona.  We call it the Idaho-Arizona exchange program.  Are there a lot of missionaries from Idaho in Arizona?  There are a few polys, a few from Canada, and I think 1 from Germany.  Both of our AP's are from Arizona.  It's pretty cool.

I miss Arizona.  I miss playing sports and going to ASU.  I also miss walking around in my pajamas.  I miss my family and friends.  But I really love it here.  The best is when we are so busy I don't have time to think about the things I miss.

I love you all and love love love getting letters and e-mails from my favorite people ever!  IT is what keeps me going out here.  Have a great week!!

Sister Walker

Monday, September 9, 2013


MOTHER AND FATHER.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR OLDIES HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!  I hope you get my package today!  I wanted to at least have it get there by moms birthday, so hopefully it will come today.  My brothers and sisters had better of taken great care of you:)  I loovveeeee that in my e-mail from dad today, he told me his joints have like worn out.  I always told you you were getting old but you never listened!!!!  Sorry, I guess its not funny that you are in pain, haha I will be praying for you.  Love you!:)
This week was intense.  Monday was super super super fun!  We got to spend the day with our WML the McMullens.  They take such great care of us and I love the family!  We played Tennis and had a bbq.  Some of the Elders came and 2 of them got hurt.  They are so dumb, like I have already mentioned:)  We each got to take a turn jumping on the trampoline (so awkward having like 10 people watching you jump in the air like you are 5 years old) and Elder McFarlane got up, did a backflip, and somehow landed on the ground on his head!  
BUT, That is not all.  He proceeded to try to redeem himself by doing it again, and then landing on the ground again!!!!!  THATS NOT ALL!!  
HE DID IT AGAIN!!! haha it was the best thing ever.  3 times he landed on his back, his head, and it was just horrible.  Then Elder Menlove (he is not a small kid) thought it would be smart to jump on Elder Durney (who is as small as Jimmy Neutron).  That resulted in him on the ground with the wind knocked out of him.  We saw him the next day and he was in a lot of pain.  haha do you see what I Have to deal with out here?!

Me and sister Denkers (along with our zone) got to have an interview with President Curits.  It was the best ever.  Our Mission President is so awesome.  He reminds me of dad a lot.  He is very very strict, which I love, but is so loving and wants us to succeed.  In the interview, he told me that I will be training next transfer, which is in 3 weeks.  I am so excited to train a new sister.  It is weird that I am not the newbie anymore!  Pray for me that I will stay in Twin Falls!!!  I love this area and never want to leave!:)

It is randomly getting cold and I am freaking out.  You might have to drive up and get me soon because I will be frozen solid on the sidewalk.  

A few favorites we are working with right now are an older lady in her 60's who is less active and can't really walk.  We go to her house every Sunday night and read the Book of Mormon with her or just have a little lesson with her.  Her faith is so shaky so I am DETERMINED to help her grow her faith in Jesus Christ and the gospel.  We are also working with the mother of the 2 teenagers we baptized a few weeks ago.  She is the only member in her family not baptized.  Her Faith has Grown SOOOOOOOOOO much!  We asked her to be baptized a few days ago and she started crying, saying that she has been thinking about it a lot and is almost ready!  She has come so far, it has been awesome seeing the atonement working in her life.  We are also working with a few Napoly people and a 9 year old boy.

Our stake is centered on missionary work out here, it is amazing.  The members are so great and the work is moving along so well.  I get my examples for missionary work out of the Book of Mormon.  I would challenge you all to do that too!  Abinadi is a great example of preaching the word with faith.  He is so powerful!  I love Jacob too, and the sons of Mosiah, and Ammon.  Ahh the Book of Mormon is filled with amazing missionaries that I never really realized before!  The more we understand how important the gospel is for our salvation, the less scary and burdensome it is so share it with others.  Thank you for the support you give me!!!  

Sister Walker

Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day!!!!!!! NOT make deviled eggs.  I will make them when I get home:)  Today we get to do so many fun things!

1.  Most of the Elders and Sisters do not get to e-mail today because all of the libraries are closed, BUT, because we live right next to the Family History Center in Twin, they are opening it for all of the missionaries close by, Hallelujah!!!  E-mailing is one of the things that keeps me sane out here in Idaho.  and

2.  Our mission leader, Brother McMullen, invited us over to have a bbq and play Tennis, Volley Ball, and Soccer with his Family!  They have like 6 kids and they are so fun!  2 other sets of Elders are coming because they like Tennis too, and we never get to play.  THEN....

3...We are having a FHE with a less active family we have been working with, and they are starting to do missionary work too by inviting one of their non member family friends over too!!!!  SO AWESOME!!!!  We are playing volleyball and soccer and having another bbq haha so this day is AWESOME!!!!!!
We had 2 baptisms this week.  One was an 8 year old boy who's mom just got baptized, and the other is a 10 yr old boy from a less active family.  It is funny how close we grow to these families in such short amounts of time.  

Cool experience-  On Monday I was saying my morning prayers and was asking that somehow I could have money for lunch...I am silly and for some reason ran out of money (but don't worry they refilled it today:))...and I also asked Heavenly Father if he would help me do missionary work even though it was P-Day.  SO a few of us went to Jimmy Johns and I just had faith I would be able to pay for my food...and guess what...a member had already payed for our food before we came in the doors!!!   That is the power of faith people:)  ANDDD  while we were eating, this lady comes up to me and says she has a friend who she thinks is interested in the church and wanted us to call her.  Both of my prayers were answered in just a short period of time!!  I just love being on a mission:)

We had so many cool experiences this week that I wish I could write them all down! 

 We helped set up a wedding reception this week and make sushi for it.  That was super fun, and we tried to do missionary work there.  

I went on exchanged this week and Sister Buckhoff was trying to teach me how to be weird.  We made a lot of animal noises that day and I hope I don't come home too weird.

I have seen how much more confident I become every day.  The first like month was so terrifying for me and I had a hard time even opening my mouth.  Now I feel like I can conquer the world!  I am not afraid to talk to people or knock on doors.  I am not afraid to express my testimony.  I am not afraid to tell these people that they need to change and become closer to Christ.  Whenever we are trying to share the gospel, the Spirit will direct us and guide us, we should not be afraid.  

We met an Anti-Mormon at the park the other day and he was telling us alll about how Joseph Smith was a child molester and that Brigham young was a murderer.  I felt a little bit angry and shocked at first, but then I felt like I was overcome the spirit when I started to speak.  I told him truths and shared scriptures and told him that we was wrong.  I wasn't arguing, but just stating the things I felt in my heart.
 By the end of our hour conversation, his heart was softened and he was proud of us for being on our missions standing up for what we believe.  I have never felt this much passion for something for a long time.  The Gospel is true and Savior lives.  Heavenly Father loves us.  I am so grateful to be raised in the family I was raised in, and taught the truths of the gospel.  

Sister Walker 


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