Monday, August 12, 2013


The funniest thing that has happened this week......We set up to do service for one of our best friends Grandma Mitchell this week, things like pulling weeds and helping in her garden.  So we show up in our service clothes ready to work when she says,  "I have something really important I need you guys to do. "  by the way, she is like 90.  She then made us go to the store, buy red hair die, and then die her hair red!!!! hahahaha it was hilarious and I loved it.  Her hair actually looks good so its all good:)  I also fist pumped like a 100 year old. haha.  

Sooo this week, Sister Hamilton had to go on a lot of exchanges because she is our Sister Training Leader (and she is going home next week so we are super sad).  Which means that she leaves me and Sister Denkers by ourselves.  She came out a few weeks before me so we are pretty much in the same boat on our knowledge of missionary work.  If you had to find someone in the world who was my COMPLETE opposite,  it would be sister Denkers.  
haha its like she is my sister I have never had to fight with, because me Ashley and Whitney never really fought unless it was over clothes:)  So seriously, I have never been so annoyed with someone, and yet loved someone SO MUCH!!!  We laugh about it all the time though.  We will go throughout the day bickering and then repenting, and then bickering and then repenting, haha and by the end of the night we are always like laughing because we fight so much.  Such a strange relationship but we love each other.  maybe that is what marriage feels like?  SICK!!!:)

Me, sister Hamilton, and the Assistance to the President are singing a song in zone conference on Thursday.  That will be fun.  

We have 2 baptisms on the 13th for this family named the Hulses.  They are one of those families that you would think would never get baptized.  I guess missionaries have been teaching them ForEVER so we feel privileged to be the ones to baptize the teenagers.  We also set up a baptism date for Sanju, the Napoli for August 31st.  He is such a solid kid who will be a blessing to his family, and is a blessing to me as well.  We also have a few over aged youth who's families and inactive who are wanting to get baptized.  There were 3 inactive families we have been teaching that came to sacrament on Sunday!!!!!  Bringing in actives back to church is just as amazing and baptizing someone.

Everyone out here is ON FIRE with missionary work!!!  We are truly in the last days.  There is no time to wait to do missionary work.  We do not want to be held responsible for not telling these precious about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I just have to tell you, the more we forget ourselves and try to love others, the happier we will be.  The end of this week has been the most amazing time on my mission.  I have tried to apply the atonement and really ask my Father in Heaven to strengthen me.  And I do it in faith.  Without faith, no prayers will be answered, I can promise you.  My testimony of the atonement is HUGE!  Although we can't get rid of the trials and experiences we are having, we can ask our Father in Heaven to strengthen us, through His Son Jesus Christ. 

Family, do NOT forget our Savior.  Think about him everyday.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are on a full time mission, serving us.  They never stop thinking about us, and they never will.   

You guys, I love my Savior so much, and out here on my mission, my love for Him grows every single day.  I am lucky to be out of the world, focusing on Him and his sheep.  Just remember that the worldly things are all a distraction.  There just is not enough time to be distracted by the silly things that do not bring us happiness.  

Sorry about all the preaching haha I just felt inspired to say these words.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Walker


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