Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You See Me Rollin'

Hello wonderful people!
You know how it is like really cold in Idaho?  And really windy here in Twin Falls?  Well President Glen R. Curtis decided it would be wise to put me and my newbie companion on BIKES right when winter is starting. 
How wonderful:)  So transfer morning at 4:45 we sent my lovely Sister Denkers home on a plane. 
The mission office couple drove us.  It was super sad and I really miss her. IT is weird how close you get to your companions.  We I didn't have a companion for the rest of the morning and just hung out with Sister McQueen, the office secretary.  So we went to the transfer meeting and there were tons of new missionaries and then tons of trainers.  I couldn't even look at any of the newbies because I was scared of them and who was going to be my trainee haha.  
  President would call up a trainer and have them stand in the front...then he would call up their companion and tell them where they are going and if they would have a car or a bike.  So He called me up and I was soooo nervous!  Then he said..."Sister Walker, you will be training Sister Meyer......and you will be riding BIKES!"  haha I didn't realize that I was so shocked until everyone laughed because I was like frozen still.  Then I kept asking President..."wait, are you serious?"  "You aren't kidding right?" haha he laughed so hard.  It has been really fun being on bikes, besides the cold.  My new companion is so great though! 
She is from Blanding Utah and was raised on a farm.  She is a total farm girl who loves horses and boots.  We always race on our bikes and laugh because we look so ridiculous.  Sometimes it can be weird living in a tiny place with a person you don't know haha but we are getting used to each other.  It is weird training and fun at the same time.  I HATE telling people what to do so it is hard for me.  But hopefully I can just lead by example and invite the spirit to teach.
There is this old lady we see sometimes (name not included) and she wanted us to help her paint her house.  So we went over there and started scraping off the paint.  She left to go do something in her room and she didn't come out for like 20 mins.  She is really old and has oxygen so I was kind of worried.  I yelled out her name and she didn't respond.  So I followed her oxygen tube and it led to the bathroom, the door was open and I kind of thought she had died on the floor, so I got my courage to look in and see a dead body.  When I looked in,  she was full out asleep on the toilet!!!!!  haha it was super sad and super funny at the same time!!   I didn't want to embarrass her so we came up with a plan.  We decided to grab her cat and throw him into the bathroom to wake her up!  IT worked and she was never embarrassed:)
For conference we went to the McMullens house and invited our Napoli investigator over to watch it with us.  Conference was sooooo great as I'm sure all of you know!  The more I read in the Book of Mormon about the great and nobal prophets, the more I love OUR prophet.  I like to think our modern day Nephi or Alma, because he is.  I love being with the McMullens though.  I feel lik they are my family away from home. 
Our family of investigators that we set baptism dates for have fell off the face of the earth!  They are never home and won't return our phone calls.  It is very dissapointing and I'm not sure what we are going to do about it.  Our area got split so we are over 2 wards now, which we lost our 2 other progressing investigators with baptism dates!  It's pretty dissapointing. 
We are going to go buy some boots today and then play some volleyball with our zone:) I love being on my mission so much, the only times I want to come home are when I am tired and cold!  I will never live in Idaho or anywhere where it is cold!  BLAH!  I love you all!!!!!
Sister Walker 


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