Monday, September 9, 2013


MOTHER AND FATHER.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR OLDIES HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!  I hope you get my package today!  I wanted to at least have it get there by moms birthday, so hopefully it will come today.  My brothers and sisters had better of taken great care of you:)  I loovveeeee that in my e-mail from dad today, he told me his joints have like worn out.  I always told you you were getting old but you never listened!!!!  Sorry, I guess its not funny that you are in pain, haha I will be praying for you.  Love you!:)
This week was intense.  Monday was super super super fun!  We got to spend the day with our WML the McMullens.  They take such great care of us and I love the family!  We played Tennis and had a bbq.  Some of the Elders came and 2 of them got hurt.  They are so dumb, like I have already mentioned:)  We each got to take a turn jumping on the trampoline (so awkward having like 10 people watching you jump in the air like you are 5 years old) and Elder McFarlane got up, did a backflip, and somehow landed on the ground on his head!  
BUT, That is not all.  He proceeded to try to redeem himself by doing it again, and then landing on the ground again!!!!!  THATS NOT ALL!!  
HE DID IT AGAIN!!! haha it was the best thing ever.  3 times he landed on his back, his head, and it was just horrible.  Then Elder Menlove (he is not a small kid) thought it would be smart to jump on Elder Durney (who is as small as Jimmy Neutron).  That resulted in him on the ground with the wind knocked out of him.  We saw him the next day and he was in a lot of pain.  haha do you see what I Have to deal with out here?!

Me and sister Denkers (along with our zone) got to have an interview with President Curits.  It was the best ever.  Our Mission President is so awesome.  He reminds me of dad a lot.  He is very very strict, which I love, but is so loving and wants us to succeed.  In the interview, he told me that I will be training next transfer, which is in 3 weeks.  I am so excited to train a new sister.  It is weird that I am not the newbie anymore!  Pray for me that I will stay in Twin Falls!!!  I love this area and never want to leave!:)

It is randomly getting cold and I am freaking out.  You might have to drive up and get me soon because I will be frozen solid on the sidewalk.  

A few favorites we are working with right now are an older lady in her 60's who is less active and can't really walk.  We go to her house every Sunday night and read the Book of Mormon with her or just have a little lesson with her.  Her faith is so shaky so I am DETERMINED to help her grow her faith in Jesus Christ and the gospel.  We are also working with the mother of the 2 teenagers we baptized a few weeks ago.  She is the only member in her family not baptized.  Her Faith has Grown SOOOOOOOOOO much!  We asked her to be baptized a few days ago and she started crying, saying that she has been thinking about it a lot and is almost ready!  She has come so far, it has been awesome seeing the atonement working in her life.  We are also working with a few Napoly people and a 9 year old boy.

Our stake is centered on missionary work out here, it is amazing.  The members are so great and the work is moving along so well.  I get my examples for missionary work out of the Book of Mormon.  I would challenge you all to do that too!  Abinadi is a great example of preaching the word with faith.  He is so powerful!  I love Jacob too, and the sons of Mosiah, and Ammon.  Ahh the Book of Mormon is filled with amazing missionaries that I never really realized before!  The more we understand how important the gospel is for our salvation, the less scary and burdensome it is so share it with others.  Thank you for the support you give me!!!  

Sister Walker


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