Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SEPTEMBER 23rd email

This week was one of those weeks that I am going to squeeze out of my brain so I never remember it ever again!  It's already half squeezed out of my brain so I will try to suck it back in for a few mins....
My companion was in a car accident before her mission and she has had back pain ever since.  We have been to multiple doctors, the chiropractor a few times, and the doctors are stumped.  Nothing is helping her.  They think it's a good idea to keep giving her drugs, which has NOT been a good idea!  She is on a few muscle relaxers so she is ALWAYS tired and ALWAYS grumpy.  I'm trying to be patient but obviously I am a natural man and an enemy to God!  haha.  I had to clean our whole apartment by myself this morning because she was too tired.  I usually give all the lessons and do all the records too because she is just not all there most of the time.  I super love her but this is really taking a toll on me.  We have been talking to President because I think she needs to go home.  I don't want another companion of hers to have to go through this too and I really want her to get the help she needs back home.  We will see!

Transfer calls are this Saturday so that will be exciting!!!!  I have a feeling I am leaving Twin Falls:(  I would love to stay here but I would love to go somewhere else too.  I just love being so close to the mission office and there are tons of missionaries here in Twin so it's super fun.  I'm also scared if they send me to a hick town I will loose my identity and just become a hick:)  Which has already started to happen!!!!  haha.  

I have been going on splits with this girl Makala who is going on her mission to Texas in a few months.  I love her!!!  She always laughs at me because she thinks I am so crazy!  I didn't even realize how weird I am because my companion is used to me, but she points out these things that I do and I realized how crazy I am.  We went to this families how who is less active and knocked on their door.  A 14 yr old girl answered and we just talked for a while.  This car drove up and I asked her who it was.  She said it was her 17 yr old brother Chase and his friend.  Something crazy inside me happens and when he opens the car do I go..."CHASSEEE!!!!!!!  WEELLCCOOMMEE HOOMMEE!!!!!"  hahah his face was priceless.  HE comes to the door and shakes my hand and I tell him he smells soooo good.  Then he looks at me weird and is like, "who are you?" hahaha.  Don't worry, we became friends.  He doesn't believe in God...but HE WILL!  I guess I just have no boundaries out here.  We go into strangers houses and they spill their lives sins to us for heavens sake.  It is very weird and wonderful.

Two nights ago we were trying to contact because we didn't have an appointment and NO ONE would answer their door!  There was some football game going on or something, and it was homecoming for Twin Falls High School.  We went to the park to walk around because we were so sad haha.  We found this tree and I climbed all the way to the top of it! (I still have no idea how to rotate pictures in blogger-sorry-Whitney)
 It was a huge tree!!!!  That made us not sad anymore.

Last night on our way home we heart attacked our bishops door.  It was like I was in my old life again because we had to sneak around so we wouldn't get caught by him.  The dogs were chasing us and the family was in the front room...haha it was quite an adventure!!!!

Me and Sister Denkers are having a girls day today.  We are going to go down Main Street and look at the shops and try and find some warm clothes.  It is COLD DOWN HERE!  

This morning, during companionship study, Denkers was asleep so I decided to watch the Testaments.  I have watched it multiple times before but for some reason this morning it had a huge affect on me.  It makes the Book of Mormon come to life and reality of our Savior come to life.  Most of us have a belief in Christ and that He came to the earth and died for us and visited the Americas, but there are few of us who actually KNOW of Christ.  I have been pondering this all week.  I do believe in Christ but I want to say that I KNOW Christ.  That I have no doubt in my mind that He is real.  I think once we get to that point, is when the blessing are poured upon us.  

I love love love love and miss my family and friends!!!!!

Sister Walker


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