Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Twin Falls Funnies: October 1st

Being behind one day of e-mails has already made me homesick!  (not real homesick, just the homesick where when I read the e-mails from everyone I cry).  Maybe that sounds super homesick, haha but don't worry its just a little:)  I just looked over at sister Denkers screen and she is painting an ocean on the paint app.  haha Dork.  OOOKKKK NEEWWSS TTIIMMEEEE!!!!!
Let me just tell you how miserable it was waiting ro transfer calls!  They told us they were coming Sunday morning...and we had to wait until like 6 that night!  I checked the phone every 2 mintues.  It felt like I was waiting for my mission call again.  The reason we were so excited is because there were so many different things that could have happened.  Sister Denkers back has been soooo screwed up so we didn't know what was going to happen to her.  (This old lady across from me just said to her husband "listen how fast that missionary is typing hahahah), anyways.  So we finally got the call and.............................................................................................I'm Staying IN Twin FALLS and am TRAINING!!!!!  I love love love it here I never want to leave.  I will be here 4 1/2 months by the end of the transfer.  The new missionaries have already arrived here and they are actually in the next buildling over, it is weird to think that my companion I am training is next door and I don't know who she is!!! 
Yesterday we didn't get to e-mail because we went to Idaho Falls for a doctors appointment for Denks.  It was a neurologist because they can't figure out what is wrong with her back.  This nice old couple took us there and back and bought us lunch and were just so nice to us! They also let us use their costco card and we went to the costco in Poccatello.  Sister Denkers had $100 to use in 2 days so we went to town haha.  We bought some memory foam pillows and a HUGE thing of cheese. And mom we bought those pretzel rolls and I think of you eveytime they enter my mouth!!! The doctor just gave Denkers some more pills.  Me and Denks have been discussing what she should do this whole week and she decided it is time to go home.  President knew she was going to go home because he put her in a trio.  That means it is easy for her to go home and no companions need to be rearranged.  She has cried a lot but she is also excited because she wants to get married.  HAHA silly girl.  So we went to the mission home last night and discussed with President and Sister Curtis what we were going to do.  They have a plane ticket for her to go home tommorrow already!!  She is already packed and ready to go.  I hope she can get the help she needs at home.  We have learned so much from each other and even though she drives me NUTS ALL THE TIME:)  I am going to miss my little Denks:(.
On the bright side, I am excited to start working hard again.  the worked has kind of evened out because we have had to stay home a lot because of her back. 
Me and Sister Denkers go to the nursing home every week and sing to a few ladies.  This week we were walking down the hall and this Lady stopped us and was like, "help!  help!!"  So we asked her what was wrong and she said she needed to go potty.  hahahahah.  We were like, "ok we will go get someone for you"  and she said, " no don't leave me!  Wait until someone comes!"  So we wait there for literally 5 mins and no one has came!  We kept asking her if she was ok because she looked like she was going to die.  Then out of nowhere she said...."I'm peeing" HAHAHAHAH  we laughed so hard on the inside and were like... UUUHHHHHHHH  ok.  Then someone finally came and we were free to laugh. 
Another funny story.....we go to this house called the Pearl House where a few mentally challenged girls live.  We met this one girl who looked and acted really normal and we asked her her name.  She said, "my name is Ashley Elizabeth Avis Jessica Megan Shanelle Ruby Lucy Johnson."   hahahaha She repeated it a few times so she honestly thinks that is her name!  I wrote it down and me and Sister Denkers always call eachother that huge name and then laugh so hard. 
Sister Denkers Grandma sent her a letter with a 50$ check and told her to buy something nice for me!  What a sweetheart!  We are going to get some gifts for some of our investigators with it.  And we bought soap for our hands.  People take great care of the missionaries down here and I feel like I am receiving more than I can give back.  It is not a good feeling.  I have decided that when I get home I will take care of the missionaries to give back!
It is getting cold out here in Idaho and I get anxiety thinking about it!  I have no idea how to dress warm.
Hopefully next week I will have great news regarding missionary work!
Keep on Keeping on!  I lOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Walker


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