Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day!!!!!!! NOT make deviled eggs.  I will make them when I get home:)  Today we get to do so many fun things!

1.  Most of the Elders and Sisters do not get to e-mail today because all of the libraries are closed, BUT, because we live right next to the Family History Center in Twin, they are opening it for all of the missionaries close by, Hallelujah!!!  E-mailing is one of the things that keeps me sane out here in Idaho.  and

2.  Our mission leader, Brother McMullen, invited us over to have a bbq and play Tennis, Volley Ball, and Soccer with his Family!  They have like 6 kids and they are so fun!  2 other sets of Elders are coming because they like Tennis too, and we never get to play.  THEN....

3...We are having a FHE with a less active family we have been working with, and they are starting to do missionary work too by inviting one of their non member family friends over too!!!!  SO AWESOME!!!!  We are playing volleyball and soccer and having another bbq haha so this day is AWESOME!!!!!!
We had 2 baptisms this week.  One was an 8 year old boy who's mom just got baptized, and the other is a 10 yr old boy from a less active family.  It is funny how close we grow to these families in such short amounts of time.  

Cool experience-  On Monday I was saying my morning prayers and was asking that somehow I could have money for lunch...I am silly and for some reason ran out of money (but don't worry they refilled it today:))...and I also asked Heavenly Father if he would help me do missionary work even though it was P-Day.  SO a few of us went to Jimmy Johns and I just had faith I would be able to pay for my food...and guess what...a member had already payed for our food before we came in the doors!!!   That is the power of faith people:)  ANDDD  while we were eating, this lady comes up to me and says she has a friend who she thinks is interested in the church and wanted us to call her.  Both of my prayers were answered in just a short period of time!!  I just love being on a mission:)

We had so many cool experiences this week that I wish I could write them all down! 

 We helped set up a wedding reception this week and make sushi for it.  That was super fun, and we tried to do missionary work there.  

I went on exchanged this week and Sister Buckhoff was trying to teach me how to be weird.  We made a lot of animal noises that day and I hope I don't come home too weird.

I have seen how much more confident I become every day.  The first like month was so terrifying for me and I had a hard time even opening my mouth.  Now I feel like I can conquer the world!  I am not afraid to talk to people or knock on doors.  I am not afraid to express my testimony.  I am not afraid to tell these people that they need to change and become closer to Christ.  Whenever we are trying to share the gospel, the Spirit will direct us and guide us, we should not be afraid.  

We met an Anti-Mormon at the park the other day and he was telling us alll about how Joseph Smith was a child molester and that Brigham young was a murderer.  I felt a little bit angry and shocked at first, but then I felt like I was overcome the spirit when I started to speak.  I told him truths and shared scriptures and told him that we was wrong.  I wasn't arguing, but just stating the things I felt in my heart.
 By the end of our hour conversation, his heart was softened and he was proud of us for being on our missions standing up for what we believe.  I have never felt this much passion for something for a long time.  The Gospel is true and Savior lives.  Heavenly Father loves us.  I am so grateful to be raised in the family I was raised in, and taught the truths of the gospel.  

Sister Walker 


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