Tuesday, September 17, 2013

High Five

Hola Familia y amigos,

Drum Roll please.......................................We set FIVE BAPTISMAL DATES THIS WEEK!!!!  BOOO YAAAA!!!  It was so amazing.  Twin Falls is on fire right now.  Me and Sister Denkers set 3 baptismal dates in one hour like 5 mins before our cerfew and we ran outside literally screaming on the inside.  It was amazing.  We are going to try and get like 3 more this next week.  I honestly don't even know where these people come from.  But yes the work is going so great and I never want to leave this area.  I am so nervous that I am going to get transferred in 2 weeks.  There are so many missionaries coming in and so many areas opening so we never know.

We went to a Part Member Families home hoping to start the missionary lessons with the 11 yr old girl and 14 yr old boy that have not been baptized yet.  We sat down and just talked a bit about life, and then we started getting into the important stuff, their salvation.  We were talking about their beliefs in God and Jesus Christ and the 14 yr old boy began telling us why he doesn't believe in God.  While he was talking you could just feel the spirit leave and Satan start barfing out of his mouth!  He kept saying these  like, "If there was a God, He wouldn't let bad things happen to us", and "We are poor and paying tithing is stupid because we need the money.".  I was getting so angry...not just angry...but the wrath of God came over me!  haha Quite literally.  The thing that set me off was when we were talking about him needing to repent and come to Christ, and he said, "But doing bad things makes me happy, and if there was a God he would strike me down or something, but he hasn't.  Good things still happen to me."  At this point I just wanted to punch him in the face, haha but instead I let the spirit chastise him through me.  I said, "You will be judged.  There is a God and He doesn't like what you are doing right now.  If you do not repent you are going to be miserable after you die." haha I am so crazy out here.  I try to be loving too though, don't worry:)  

Today our zone is putting on a talent show.  There are 4 of us sisters in our zone so we are all going to rap together.  haha super embarrassing I know.  We have this cd called popcorn bopping that is for little kids.  The song Called to Serve is on there but it is little kids rapping it.  It is so funny.  We are dressing up in all black and putting hats and ties on.  I'll video it and send it to mom:)  

I super love the family that we live with.  We love to talk to them when we get home at night.  Elaina still comes to me EVERY night when I get home and says, "Hey mishamarry, lets sing a Jesus song in your house"  So we go in the doorway, sit down, and sing for a few minutes.  Sometimes she wants to sing to the dog too so she goes and drags him over and we sing to him.  Then we usually give her a Popsicle.  It's the best.

The majority of missionaries in this mission are from Arizona.  We call it the Idaho-Arizona exchange program.  Are there a lot of missionaries from Idaho in Arizona?  There are a few polys, a few from Canada, and I think 1 from Germany.  Both of our AP's are from Arizona.  It's pretty cool.

I miss Arizona.  I miss playing sports and going to ASU.  I also miss walking around in my pajamas.  I miss my family and friends.  But I really love it here.  The best is when we are so busy I don't have time to think about the things I miss.

I love you all and love love love getting letters and e-mails from my favorite people ever!  IT is what keeps me going out here.  Have a great week!!

Sister Walker


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